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Shocker: Your Course Might Die Soon.

Here’s some crazy statistics.

7% of students actually complete their courses on Udemy
Coursera reports average completion rates at 4%.

That means: 96% students see no further value.
That means: 96% students will unlikely buy a second time.

The big problem: every single student costs ad money.
The bigger problem: ads are getting more expensive.

You fight for customers, and have no way to keep them.
And it’s getting worse. It's getting harder to find and keep students. Completion rates are poor.

What if there was a new way?

You deserve to help more students.
And you deserve to earn more.

Meet the new way of building Online Courses •

•• Meet the new way of building Online Courses •

•• Meet the new way of building Online Courses •

Build a course that people will want to play.

Easily create a gamified experience with our advanced course builder.

Make your course addictive

Teach students the fun way. Help students push through difficult challenges by making your course highly motivating.

Build your first gamified course, easily

Use our advanced course builder with predictive learning to craft your ideal gamified course structure.

Get adaptive industry insights

Know which course to make and why –– penetrate the markets that are least untapped from our advanced course builder.

Attract new students easier. Recoup ad costs faster.

Be able to spend more on ads (and acquire more) by increasing your customer lifetime value. All wrapped in the allure of a new way of learning.

The new way to grow

Old Way

New Way

Try to spend little on ads

Spend more on ads

Work on first time sales, forget everyone else

Recoup costs on in-game purchases

Struggle with profitability and ad costs

Reach profitability faster, and more sustainably

Earn your XP as you progress in the course. Different levels based on XP unlock new possibilities. Incentivizes to learn more

Challenge and progress with your friends, and see who’s better at different topics. Fight other learners and earn more XP

Imagine you have 20 seconds to defeat this Photoshop boss challenge. You either win, or lose a bunch of XP. Do you try your luck or not?

Double your revenue per user.

Build a next-level in-game economy, where you decide the numbers.
Keep engagement high, retention high, profitability high.

Streak-based multipliers 🔥

Grow your XP by 1.2x or 1.5x if you keep a certain daily streak. Higher rewards for higher daily engagement.

Reward players with top status 🧠

Make students crave what they can’t get. Hierarchical status-based structures with adaptive exclusive access based on merit.

Unlock levels and upsells with XP 🔒

The more XP you generate, the more you unlock. With each level acquired, the access and upsells increase.

Personalized avatars 🎭

Students can create your own visual identity profiles, and attach themselves more to the platform.

Extra in-game buyable perks💰

Unlock higher possibilities with in-game purchases, and help players progress faster, easier.

Help people actually learn.

Instead of boring theory, bring them on an exciting multiplayer journey. Learning with friends is more fun. Defeating boss levels is more fun. Growing XP is more fun.

Old Way

Students watch tutorial videos.


They complete boring quizzes.


They watch tutorials again.


Then, they lose interest.

New Way

⏰ Students have limited time to learn.


🔥 Then, they challenge friends.


😈 They fight nasty boss levels.


💰 They have an incentive to progress.


💪 And, they learn by doing.

Skill assessments, turned into boss battles.

The quiz for which your players will actually prepare for. Or they’ll be defeated by boss dragons.

Predictive personality insights.

As players learn, they get more data about their learning patterns, personality traits and direction. An invaluable career insight.

Student peer groups, but better.

Let users form squads and alliances with other players in their groups. Like personal comrades, onto their way of learning.

Get stats on your game. Know exactly how to improve.

Maximize customer value for every little step. In-depth course tracking and reporting system.

Retention-driven analytics

Advanced reporting, easy to understand. Simple predictive suggestions to drive higher retention instantly.

Easy to build, improve, and adjust

Adjust your game with a drag-and-drop builder. So your morning coffee gets a tad more interesting.

Simple dashboards for course creators

Know how your customers learn. Know where they’re dropping off. Know their traits. And help them even more.

Comparison with other platforms


70-90% Revenue cut

Appalling completion rates (from 2 to 7%)

You depend on their platform for users

Virtually zero control over user data

Not fun

Framework's Gamified Platform

Zero revenue cut, fixed monthly fee.

50% higher revenue per user metrics

Keep full ownership, grow on your terms.

Advanced user data, with full creator control.

Super fun

Kajabi or Teachable

Difficult setup, unintuitive dashboards

Unexciting platform for users, low completion ratios and revenue

No in-game economies or purchases

Not fun

Framework's Gamified Platform

Easy gamified setup, and intuitive control

Exciting gamification for end users, higher retention and revenue

Build in-game economies and boost purchasing behavior inside course

Super fun

Final Words

This is a revolution in online education.

A radically different, a radically more engaging way.

A new way of learning.
A new way of collaborating.
A new way of improving.

The average attention span of a human is just 8.25 seconds. That’s only 8.25 seconds to help your fellow humans succeed. Every second counts.

At Framework, it is our duty to provide you the tools.

So you can earn more money.
So you can each more customers.
So, you can make a better impact on this world.

The only question is — will you?

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